Service Charges

We take responsibility for the collection of all service charges. This includes recovering arrears and instructing legal action for unpaid service charges where appropriate. If a leaseholder chooses to pay by monthly standing order, we do not charge any premium for providing this facility.

Ground Rent

In some cases, the freeholder will require the management company to collect ground rent on their behalf. Where the lease requires this, we will collect the ground rent and pass it onto the freeholder without additional charges to the leaseholder.


All service charges are individually split and calculated in accordance with the terms of the lease. We will forward plan to ensure your development is kept in a healthy state and that requests for additional funding are avoided wherever possible.


We ensure that all maintenance work is undertaken by professional contractors to the required standard and in compliance with the relevant health and safety requirements. We source local tradesmen as much as possible.


Sapphire Property Management will neither pay nor accept commission on any services provided by itself or third parties. Should any discount be received on a product or service, this will be passed on to the client.

Health & Safety

The law requires certain H&S inspections are carried out, records kept and remedial action taken. We will ensure that the development is compliant. Where professional services are required, we will ensure that these are provided at a competitive price and only at the frequency required by law or as the situation requires.

Site Inspections

We believe that Managing Agents need to be hands-on and walk the site regularly, meeting with directors, residents and leaseholders as much as possible. At Sapphire, we will visit sites as often as agreed with the client, which sometimes have been monthly. We have a very flexible approach and resolve any issues quickly.

RTM – Right To Manage

Legislation allows leaseholders to have the statutory right to take on the management of their development from the Freeholder. The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 introduced the Right To Manage (RTM); allowing those that pay for the maintenance of their building (lessees) the right to ‘hire and fire’ by setting up a Right To Manage Company. No permission from the landlord or proof of mismanagement is needed.

We have great experience in undertaking the Right To Manage (RTM) process and we would be happy to help those who are interested in exploring this option.

New Build Developments

Sapphire will assist you throughout all of the stages of the development process and ensure a smooth and easy transition to our management of the site.

We will:

  • Prepare draft budget for approval
  • Review draft documentation and offer advice on amendments as necessary
  • We will deal with the administration of the Management Company and undertake company secretarial duties if required
  • Site visits by dedicated Property Manager
  • We will brief Site Sales Staff on Service Charge information
  • We will deal with all of the administration and management responsibilities for maintenance staff/contractors for communal areas as soon as handover has taken place
  • We will arrange and administer the buildings and other insurance policies, including Directors and Officers liability

Why choose Sapphire Property Management?

Saving you money

On average in the first year we have been known to remove 15-25% of expenditure, allowing this to be channelled more productively or returned in lower service charges.

Regular Communication

We strongly believe in maintaining regular face-to-face communication with our clients and walk the site to discuss any issues as and when is needed. We are not a large faceless company and since being established, we have predominately grown our client-base through recommendation, building a well-respected reputation.


We specialise in property and estate management only. We do not deal in Sales and Lettings, which means our attention is solely focused on ensuring your development is managed to the highest standard.


You can rely on Sapphire Property Management for transparency, fair dealings and a fast response. We offer a free 24/7 out-of-hours emergency service and do not take commissions offered by insurers, energy companies and assorted service providers.