Many property owners complain of excessive costs, lack of service and poor communication from their Managing Agents and often feel trapped in a situation that they can’t get out of.  Some owners are actually aware that they can help change their situation by replacing their current agent, however, find themselves reluctant to make the first steps in to what can feel like the ‘unknown’ and worry about perhaps falling into bed with another bad agent.  This can often result in a ‘better the devil you know’ mentality.

Changing Managing Agents isn’t as hard as you may think and can help vastly improve your block and estate as well as provide a new lease of life for the community who live within it.

Here at Sapphire, we have been known to take over some developments within months and others sometimes longer, each case varies, however, what is common practice throughout is that we make the switching-over process as pain-free as possible.

We like to know the historic and current issues of a site and often meet with new clients at the development itself so that we can walk the grounds with the Resident Directors and discuss key points.

Once our appointment has been confirmed, Sapphire will deal with everything in terms of liaising with the outgoing agent and manage the handover completely so there is no extra work for the Resident Directors to do.

If you are a Director of a Resident Management Company or an owner at a block or new-build estate and you are unhappy with the management of your development, contact us to see whether we can help, we often offer our advice under no-obligation.